VDoc Virtual Clinic: See Patients from Anywhere, Starting Today

VDoc, by Odoro, is an innovative platform that helps healthcare professionals provide advanced telemedicine services while adhering to the strictest virtual medicine regulations and standards.

Odoro is part of the Novolog Group – a publicly-traded healthcare services company, based in Israel.

Since its establishment in 2005, Odoro has become a groundbreaking provider of advanced scheduling technologies. In that time, thousands of private practitioners, clinics, and large medical centers have benefited from Odoro’s round-the-clock scheduling services.

Our Mission

We believe in the power of remote healthcare to streamline treatment, improve the patient experience, and lower the cost of high-quality medical care.

Our goal is to transform telemedicine into a common, everyday experience that is efficient, convenient, and comfortable for both doctors and patients.


We continuously adapt to an ever-changing world, striving to find the most cutting-edge technological solutions for the world of medicine.


We are in tune with the needs of patients and medical staff and customize our service to always improve the treatment experience for patients and practitioners alike.


We aim to provide the most professional services we can with comprehensive support that lets you give discreet, accessible, inclusive care.

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