Advanced Digital Healthcare

Your virtual clinic allows you to see patients wherever, whenever. Create a smooth, effective patient experience using simple tools to increase revenue quickly and easily.

Cutting - Edge Digital Solutions

Smart Video Consultations

Conduct all virtual clinic consultations on a state-of-the-art, secure interface that supports audio, video, and chat, all with just one click. The platform is simple, user-friendly, and doesn’t require any apps or downloads. 

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VDOC חשיפה דיגיטלית באתרים מובילים

Search Rankings on Leading Online Directories

Promote your clinic on leading healthcare sites, including Infomed, Israel’s leading medical scheduling portal and healthcare professional index, with over a million monthly visitors.


VDOC חשיפה דיגיטלית באתרים מובילים

Cutting-Edge Scheduling, Reminder, and Notifications

Manage appointments and scheduling in a digital calendar that offers a variety of virtual and in-person methods to make appointments conveniently, for patients with all levels of technical skill. The notification system allows you to send alerts to both doctors and patients, manually or using customizable pre-determined rules. Send video consultation reminders, late arrival notifications, cancellation messages, and more.

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